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Fabric of the Month Club – First Round Signups in 24 hours

Signups start on December, with the first shipment in January 2022.

Signups start at 9am (AEDT) Sunday 12 December, time conversions for common regions are listed below:

  • Sydney Australia – Sunday 12th December at 9:00am
  • New Zealand – Sunday 12th December at 11:00am
  • Los Angeles USA – Saturday 11th December at 2:00pm
  • New York USA – Saturday 11th December at 5:00pm
  • London – Saturday 11th December at 11:00pm

Do you like the idea of having a unique stash of hand dyed linen, delivered each month?  In joining our Fabric of the Month Club, you will receive an unreleased piece of hand dyed fabric, in your preferred count and size each month.  Each month we will dye a special colour for the club, some colours will be future releases, other colours will be exclusive to the club.