Q. Where can I purchase your fabrics from?

A. We currently do not sell our fabrics directly. To purchase our fabrics, please visit one of our amazing Stockists. You can find a store near you on our Stockists pages

Q. Are your fabrics colourfast?

A. We make no guarantee of colourfastness of our fabrics. Our fabrics are hand dyed using commercial professional grade dyes, are chemically set and are washed multiple times before we ship. With any hand dyed or over dyed fabric or threads, we recommend that if you plan on washing your project, you gently wash before stitching. There can be some residual dye left in the fibres that could react when washing after stitching. Even DMC has sometimes run when washed.

Duxbury and Mayflower cannot be washed, as they are stained rather than dyed. Washing Duxbury or Mayflower will result in a reduction or removal of the staining.

Q. Why is the colour of fabric I brought today, different to the colour of fabric I brought yesterday?

A. All our fabrics are hand dyed in small batches. We try very hard to get consistency between batches and think we are pretty good at colour replication, but there are a large number of variables, that can affect the reproduction of our fabrics. They include:

  • Temperature and Humidity the day we dye the fabric. Some colours are more vibrant or dominant on hotter days.
  • Water quality – whilst we utilise town water for dyeing and the quality of our water is excellent, occasionally the water can have additional chemicals added, which can alter colours
  • Dyes – most dyes are manufactured in China, then imported and repackaged by distributors for our use. Occasionally dye colours change or are discontinued. When this happens, we have to reformulate our colours. Whilst we try to get the same colour, it is not always possible.
  • Fabric Count – higher count fabrics dye lighter, and 56 count linen from Zweigart can cast pink
  • Linen fibres used to create the fabric – linen is a natural fibre, grown from the Flax plant. Linen produced in Europe is predominantly grown in the Ukraine, France, Netherlands and Belgium. Each batch of linen fibres has different properties based on the growing location, weather, water, etc and can dye differently. We sometime have this occur within a piece of fabric where Zweigart change the batch of linen thread used, resulting in two slightly different shades in the one piece of linen.
Example of where thread batch changes within a piece of linen.

Q. What linen base do you use?

A. We currently source all of linens and aidas from Zweigart in Germany. Our linens are 100% Linen from Flax and aidas are Cotton based.

Q. Do you dye even weave fabrics?

A. Not at this time. We previously tried dyeing even weave fabrics, but stores did not purchase them, and as they contain a large percentage of synthetic fibres, the colours were not consistent with those of our linens.

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