Fox and Rabbit Designs – Mary Ann Bush 1838

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A reproduction of a sampler stitched by Mary Ann Bush in 1838

Stitch Count: 225 stitches wide by 358 stitches high

Model: The model was stitch on 40ct Parchment Linen by Weeks Dye Works(

Model Stitched By: By the amazing Jenny Born


Threads Used

  • DMC 150 Dusty Rose Ultra Very Dark
  • DMC 356 Terra Cotta Medium
  • DMC 400 Mahogany Dark
  • DMC 420 Hazelnut Brown Dark
  • DMC 469 Olive
  • DMC 610 Drab Brown Dark
  • DMC 712 Cream
  • DMC 747 Peacock Blue Very Light DMC 816 Garnet
  • DMC 839 Beige Brown Dark
  • DMC 931 Antique Blue Medium
  • DMC 934 Avocado Green Very Dark
  • DMC 946 Burnt Orange Medium
  • DMC 3011 Khaki Green Dark
  • DMC 3013 Khaki Green Light
    DMC 3716 Dusty Rose Very Light
  • DMC 3801 Christmas Red Light
  • DMC 3823 Yellow Ultra Pale