Fox and Rabbit Designs – Sarah Hayward 1859

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A reproduction of a sampler originally stitched in 1859 by Sarah Hayward.

Stitch Count: 288w X 374h Stitches

Model Stitched on: 36 Count Hogbristle Linen by Fox and Rabbit Designs


Threads Used:

DMC 221 Shell Pink-VY DK
DMC 223 Shell Pink-LT
DMC 224 Shell Pink-VY LT
DMC 225 Shell Pink-UL VY LT
DMC 311 Wedgewood-VY DK
DMC 312 Baby Blue-VY DK
DMC 334 Baby Blue-MD
DMC 340 Blue Violet-MD
DMC 436 Tan
DMC 437 Tan-LT
DMC 469 Avocado Green
DMC 500 Blue Green-VY DK
DMC 550 Violet-VY DK
DMC 581 Moss Green
DMC 676 Old Gold-LT
DMC 743 Yellow-MD
DMC 745 Yellow-LT Pale
DMC 746 Off White
DMC 800 Delft Blue-Pale
DMC 840 Beige Brown-MD
DMC 902 Antique Mauve-VY DK
DMC 934 Avocado Green-VY DK
DMC 935 Avocado Green-DK
DMC 939 Navy Blue-VY DK
DMC 3011 Khaki Green-DK
DMC 3012 Khaki Green-MD
DMC 3047 Yellow Beige-LT
DMC 3051 Green Gray-DK
DMC 3363 Pine Green-MD
DMC 3371 Black Brown
DMC 3726 Antique Mauve-DK
DMC 3747 Blue Violet-VY LT
DMC 3771 Terra Cotta-UL VY LT
DMC 3776 Mahogany-LT
DMC 3829 Old Gold-VY DK
DMC 3834 Grape-DK
DMC B5200 Snow White